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People & Partners with PURPOSE

Possibilities exist because of the PEOPLE and ORGANIZATIONS (Partners) that step forward to help.


Random Acts of Kindness

God uses every day people and gifts each one to build bridges and to increase our Kingdom family through random acts of kindness!

Random Acts of Kindness
Deb Zuchowski
Church Administrator,
St. Mark Lutheran

Moved With Compassion

Jennifer was moved with compassion as she learned of the overwhelming challenges a family from India faced after moving to the area. Jennifer’s daughter befriended the new girl in her class, suddenly thrown into a new school, country, and culture.

We provided Jennifer with new sets of sheets and blankets to help this family with their fresh start, “Wow! That’s great. Thank you so much.” Thank you Jennifer for being Neighborly with Purpose.

Langford Family
Grayslake, IL

Pastor Crystal

Pastor Crystal immediately recognized an opportunity with PURPOSE. A local warehouse club donated mattresses, new and still in their original packaging, to Federated Church of Wauconda. By partnering with PURPOSE, we’ll deliver this gift of grace to those who need it most. Thank you Federated, for providing warmth and comfort. Thank you for providing the dignity of decent beds to those who need a gift of grace.

Pastor Crystal
Pastor Crystal
Federated Church of Wauconda

Savory Salads

George and Stephanie Jameson, co-owners of Savory Salads, provided over 1,000 meals to neighbors in need of a little help during the COVID-19 crisis. The Father/Daughter team wanted to provide more than just a meal, they wanted to give people a little hope and faith. Over 1,000 meals were delivered with Purpose, including a verse of encouragement and an invitation to a local church.

savory salads
George & Stephanie Jameson
Arlington Heights, IL -

Great Volunteer Opportunity

“I was looking for something to do when I retired and I wanted to use the gifts God gave me for the benefit of others. When I heard Moxie speak at church, I decided this is what I wanted to do. It’s a great volunteer opportunity.”

Scott & Lorna Warman
Scott Warman
Barrington, IL

Organizations (Partners) with PURPOSE

Christ Church Crossroads Pastors Aaron and Alex met with us over coffee, we brainstormed about possibilities for kids of any age to get involved. The church was hosting a lock-in for parents and kids. We asked, “Like camping? A pillow under one arm and a flashlight in the other?” How about a Pillow and a Prayer? See what happens when kids have a chance to show and share compassion. See more on Pillow And A Prayer.

christ church
Christ Church Crossroads
Grayslake, IL

“Your enthusiasm and dedication inspire us to help many more others in the community.
You are a truly God’s messenger to the community and the churches.
May God continue to bless you and your ministries.”

Federated Church of Wauconda
Wauconda, IL
Reverend Soon Sun Lee

Faced with canceling their traditional summer mission’s trip, Lord of Glory’s DCE Nicki Johnson reached out. She wondered if their youth group could find a meaningful mission experience in their own community. Learn how Pizza and a Prayer can deliver more than a meal.

Lord of Glory
Grayslake, IL

St. Mark delivered beds with PURPOSE to the “In Zone Project”, helping inner city youth. In difficult times, God’s grace is there. It’s a wonderful opportunity to partner with such a great ministry…with PURPOSE! Thanks be to God!

St. Mark Lutheran Church

“Mark is extremely grateful for all the gifts that your organization left in his apartment. A man in our church is going to help him find employment, and he is asking our van driver to pick him up for worship on Sunday. Kristen, thank you so much for making this re-connection! May God continue to use you mightily.”

Luke McFadden
Christian Neighbors Church

“AAHAA is so proud to be a part of such a wonderful program, and partner with a valuable organization to help the needs of the community. Thank you, your staff, and the amazing volunteers!”


Become a Partner with Purpose and move compassion into action!

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